Record shopping.
Sorry, sorry I’m just a failed attempt
A ticket stub to a last run show
More late night wine…bad tattoos
Say “on your honor means bein’ on yer own”
My best friend’s wife won’t let me in their house
I’ll drink their wine and run my mouth
Who says you can’t have one without the other?
My pastor wants to see me dry
Says my blood alcohol/ambitions too high
To think his condition supersedes my own willpower
Seattle part two. March 2011. 35mm.

Happy Easter. This song is kind of Easter…at least it’s not our other song that says “fuck” in it.

Seattle March 2011. 35mm.

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Happy Thursday.


Music Submission from Feral Conservatives

Here is a brand new unsigned mandolin-based indie rock band from Virginia Beach, composed of Rashie Rosenfab (vocals and Mandolin) and Matt Francis (Drums). Their album “A D" was released in March this year, and has been compared to The Cranberries meets Sonic Youth. As big fans of both these bands, the Queens of Noize has given them a big thumbs up! 

To download their singles “Wait for Me” and b/side “Complacent” Click Here

Thanks for the submission guys, and keep on rocking :)

J x

Well it’s raining here…

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Really like this one. 35mm. Downtown Norfolk.